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Radio Bursaries

African Jaguars FC – 2017/18

Hollywoodbets Paarl chose to support African Jaguars again

The Hollywoodbets Paarl team chose to support African Jaguars FC as part of the Hollywoodbets Soccer Sponsorship Programme for 2017/2018. Learn more here.

African Jaguars FC
Hollywoodbets Paarl
Western Cape
The club facilitates four weekly practice sessions at the Mbekweni Primary School.
They were started in 1980 and the club is currently three teams and 60 players strong.
One of their proudest moments was when their team won the layoffs to the SAB League.
The Hollywoodbets Paarl Team chose to support this popular club for the second year running by donating a soccer kit to their Junior team.
Club President Victor Msada thanked the Hollywoodbets Paarl for this contribution.

“Your second donation has helped us a lot because we were struggling to get kit for our Juniors,” he said.

Contact details
T:  079 550 6546
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Hollywoodbets is actively involved in its CSI projects,  and makes many donations to organisations in its community. View the Hollywoodbets My Community website here.

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