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Boyes Helping Hands – Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens

Western Cape
Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens
Boyes Helping Hands
Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens chose the Boyes Helping Hands organisation as their choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility program. The team talks about their visit here.
The Boyes Helpling Hands is a registered NPO, fighting against homelessness, poverty and abuse. They have a Safe/Care Home in Richwood where they home, feed and take in children, families and old age pensioners. They also have a home in Milnerton for abused women and children.
They currently receive no funding from the Government or Private Organizations, and survive only by walking from door to door asking for contributions and assistance.
Being in a residential area it is causing upheaval in the community, and they currently experience problems with the Municipality. They have now been given Government land in Atlantis area, which is only bush, and there is no electricity or water. They are now fundraising to be able to equip the land with what they need, and start accommodating more people.
Their vision for the land, running kibbutz style, is to assist the people to become self-sustainable, empowering them with tools to become employed, running the land by farming, vegetation and teaching them crafts and skills. They do not just want to take them in. They also want to help them to help themselves.
Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens decided to assist the organisation by donating goods to the value of R10,000. These goods included solar batteries, a prime solar module, and other important solar equipment that will assist in the development of their new land. 
Although they still require a lot more materials and goods, every little bit counts, and we as a team were glad to contribute to this worthy cause. We wish them all the best for their development going forward.
Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens Team.
If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can contact the home here:
Boyes Helping Hands
27 Buitengracht Drive, Richwood
Deborah Boyes – CEO
076 655 5918
Diandra Dearham – Secretary
071 328 0124  
Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens with donations to the Boyes Helping Hands Organisation
The Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens team with their donations to the Boyes Helping Hands Organisation

Boyes Helping Hands Organisation - Western Cape

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