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Caledonian Association Seniors Football Club – Hollywoodbets Newton Park

Hollywoodbets Eastern Cape
Korsten, Mandarin Inn, Sgt Peppers,
Parliament Street, Newton Park, Mthatha

The evening started with us as the Hollywoodbets representatives, welcoming all the soccer teams our company had the privilege to sponsor this year. It was an eclectic mix of players who acted with overwhelming thankfulness for the kit they were being sponsored with.

The enthusiasm and willingness to succeed so openly expressed by these teams, despite adversity, was infectious to say the least and their humility and appreciation was inspiring.

The great need for sponsorship was made ever more evident by testimonials from coaches, team managers and team captains as they proudly stepped forward to receive their purple and yellow soccer gear offering their gratitude for our support.

The handover ceremony was held at the Moore Dyke Clubhouse and as we were ushered out to the field to take pictures of the teams in their kits, we were left awestruck!

The sight before us was a sea of purple and yellow players of various ages decked out in full soccer gear running up and down the soccer field, kicking purple Hollywood soccer balls in varied directions, completely caught up in the moment of the game!

The field was alive with the spirit of soccer and what the beautiful game meant to each one of these players, juniors and seniors alike, and because Hollywoodbets was such an epic part of this congregation, we could make the statement that the field was equally alive with the spirit of Hollywoodbets.

Our advice to each and every one of these players is “Keep your eye on the ball!”

A heartfelt thank you to Hollywood Sportsbook for sponsoring the Soccer Kit but also, for cultivating a sense of belief and encouragement in these Soccer Clubs.

To the branches, thank you for coming after work and showing your support for the teams you chose to sponsor.

The Soccer Clubs:
Mandarin Inn- Real Lions Seniors Football Club
SGT Peppers- West Ham United Football Club (Seniors)
Parliament Street- Shatter Proof Rovers Football Club (Under 16’s)
Newton Park- Caledonian Association Seniors Football Club
Korsten- Celtic Football Club (Under 16’s) 

A message to the soccer clubs:

“Regardless of any obstacles that may arise, past, present or future, strive for excellence in everything you do and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

When wearing the purple & yellow, know that you are all Hollywood stars to us.”

The Hollywoodbets Eastern Cape Team

Newton Park- Caledonian Association Seniors Football Club
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