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Elundini Home of the Disabled and Educare Centre

Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens chose to support Elundini Home of the Disabled and Educare Centre as part of the Hollywoodbets My Community Programme for 2019/2020. Read on to learn more about the team’s visit.

Hollywoodbets Montague Gardens
Elundini Home of the disabled and Educare Centre


For over 10 years, this centre has been educating children with special needs. Elundini aims to protect children from all forms of abuse and neglect by providing accessible, integrated and co-ordinated services that focus on their primary and secondary values.

The Hollywoodbets Team from Montague Gardens received a proposal letter from the organisation, requesting a donation. The Team then made a donation of 15 graduation gowns, two tins of paint, two large floor rugs, two storage bins, three brooms, three mops and two dustpans.

Principle of the centre, Indy Kawana, was grateful to receive all of these much-needed items.

“This donation will bring a lot of change in our centre as we will now be able to renovate our building. We used to struggle to look after our garden areas but with the donation, we will be able to keep it neat and clean. Thank you very much to Hollywoodbets for their support,” she said.

Contact Details
2 Mnandi Street
C: 083 987 6434

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