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Highway Hospice – Hollywoodbets Argyle

Hollywoodbets Argyle chose the Highway Hospice as part of the Hollywoodbets Social Responsibility Programme for 2012/13. Read more about their donation here.

Hollywoodbets Argyle
Highway Hospice

New Uniforms Brings Smiles

This year, Hollywoodbets Argyle decided to support the Highway Hospice situated in Inanda. They currently have 132 patients and OVC’S (Orphan or Vulnerable Children) in their hospice program. Most of the children come from disadvantaged backgrounds, where there is no source of income. Hospice assists with donated food parcels to the families and children.

With the costs of the Hospice being over R15 million per annum it is only through the kindness of caring people and donations from the business and public sectors that they are able to continue and extend their program of care and love to the terminally ill of all communities, free of charge.

Hollywoodbets’ donation resulted in 36 children receiving new uniforms and shoes for the very first time. This was an exciting and memorable time for them. Very often, children are turned away from school because they are not attired in their school uniform so this donation has most definitely positively impacted on the quality of life of these vulnerable children.

Hollywoodbets made a small contribution to the community of Inanda and gave some children courage and hope for the future. It was an honour for us to play a part in the lives of the children.



The Hollywoodbets team with the ladies from the Highway Hospice

Hollywoodbets team members talking with the children at the Highway Hospice



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