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Holy Cross Care Centre – Hollywoodbets Parow

Western Cape
Hollywoodbets Parow
Holy Cross Care Centre

Hollywoodbets Parow chose the Holy Cross Care Centre as their organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility program. The team talks about their visit here.

Holy Cross Care Centre helps those special children with special needs. They take in children at a very young age and school them. They take in orphaned, neglected, abandoned children. Their duties are to take care of them, feed them, cloth them as well as providing a roof over their heads.

The main aim of the Organisation is to provide those children and youth who have not had contact from family members or people in their lives to be matched with a host family. They find these host families by putting them through a screening process, as well as finding those that are willing to host children for day outings, weekend and holidays.

Hollywoodbets Parow felt the urge to donate some hairdryers, hair cut machines, pots and a stove to make life much easier for the boys and girls as well as the people who provides them with a delicious meal every day.

We are proud of the fact we are able to contribute to this worthy cause, and we wish the Holy Cross Care Centre all the best!

If you would like to donate to the Holy Cross Care Centre, here are their details:

Holy Cross Care Centre
De La Rey Road, Parow Valley
P O Box 1493 
Parow, 7499, South Africa
Telephone: 021 934 6435 or 021 934 8874 
Fax: 021 934 1146 
Email: holycross@mweb.co.za / hcsecretary@mweb.co.za 
Hollywoodbets Parow team with donations made to the Holy Cross Care Centre - CSI - Social Responsibility
The Hollywood Parow team with their donation to the Holy Cross Care Centre
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