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Ikhwezi Pre-school

Ikhwezi Pre-school

Hollywoodbets Ixopo chose to support Ikhwezi Pre-school for the Hollywoodbets’ My Community Programme for 2020/21.

Hollywoodbets Ixopo
Ikhwezi Pre-school

This school is situated in the rural area of Kwa-Madzikane. Ikhwezi supports 30 children of an underprivileged background, who rely on the school’s teacher to provide a meal for them each day too because they can’t afford to bring food from home.

The Hollywoodbets Ixopo Team heard about the school through a regular customer who then later sent on a proposal from the school requesting a donation. A fridge, three mattresses, 16 corrugated iron sheets, 16 timber sheets, floorboards, a cupboard, three mats and three tins of paint.

Sibangani Zulu, Chairperson of the school, was thankful to receive this thoughtful donation.

“Renewing our roof will help with teaching the children because our current roof is in a very bad state,” he said

Contact details:
P.O Box 99 Creighton
C: 076 506 9659

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