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Madiba Youth Organisation – Hollywoodbets Mashishing

Madiba Youth Organisation received some educational and sporting equipment from Hollywoodbets Mashishing as part of the Hollywoodbets Social Responsibility Programme

Hollywoodbets Mashishing donated educational and sporting equipment to Madiba Youth Organisation as part of the company’s Social Responsibility Programme for 2016/17.

Madiba Youth Organisation (MYO)

Madiba Youth Organisation (MYO) was founded in 2011 in order to help develop local leaders and alleviate poverty in the Mpumalanga region.

MYO’s goal is to assist youths and adults in their local community through various programmes designed to help them improve their daily lives.

This is the first time that Hollywoodbets has donated to this worthy cause.

On the 8th of October 2016 our Hollywoodbets Mashishing team members visited the organisation to deliver sporting equipment and stationary for the children.

Founder and Managing Director of MYO, Mr Adam Sibuyi, is grateful for this donation.

“Hollywoodbets’ support has allowed the children to participate in sport.

Sport is a fantastic way for children to explore and develop lifelong skills and it promotes mental and physical advances.

Involvement in sport also reduces the number of drop-outs in school so we are very grateful for the help.”

Well done to the Hollywoodbets Mashishing team for getting involved with this wonderful project!

If you would like to get in touch with this organisation and see how you can get involved please contact: 
Adam Sibuyi:
081 830 1974

Madiba Youth Organisation
Telephone: 078 346 7494
Email: adamchivure@yahoo.co.uk / madibayouthorganisation@yahoo.com

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