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Phaka Handover – Majali Home Defenders

Majali Home Defenders

Established in 1969, Majali Home Defenders are a local rugby team from Peelton just outside of East London. The humble outfit was built up as a means of motivating local community members to get involved in the game of rugby.

As a commitment towards growing and developing the sport of rugby at a grassroots level, the Team from Hollywoodbets and Phaka chose to offer the Club a sponsorship. This resulted in the Majali Home Defenders being presented with a new match kit, tackle bags, contact shields, pole protectors, training cones and a first aid kit.

Club representative, Thabo Qodi, was excited to receive these new items from Hollywoodbets and Phaka.

“Our players will have a greater sense of pride when they play in their new kit. This will encourage more people to join our Club and, in doing so, we can keep growing the game of rugby within our community,” he said.

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