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The Drakenstein Hospice – Hollywoodbets Paarl

Western Cape
Hollywoodbets Paarl
The Drakenstein Hospice

Helping the Hospice

The Hollywoodbets Paarl team chose the Drakenstein Hospice as their organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility Programme.

Drakenstein Hospice offers children to take a seat when they’re being served with food, to have a proper meal. They needed donations to help make this as comfortable as possible. Hollywoodbets Paarl decided to help them reach this goal. Tables, chairs, jugs, mugs, glasses, plates etc. was donated by Hollywoodbets to the Hospice to help make a change in the community.

The Drakenstein Hospice is a dynamic organisation. They are celebrating their 23rd year of service to the community. The Hospice’s aim is to build a healthy, sustainable community that addresses the diverse needs of individuals and families by providing physical, social and emotional support and programmes with a focus on personal capacity development and quality of life.

We are very proud of our Hollywoodbets team, and look forward to giving back more to the community.

Hollywoodbets Paarl – The Drakenstein Hospice
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