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The River of Life – Hollywoodbets Quigney

Mama Agnus is single-handedly running this home that cares for 26 children, raning from 3 weeks old to 11 years old.

Eastern Cape
Hollywoodbets Quigney
The River of Life

Refreshing Young Hearts

The River of Life consists of a single mother (Mama Agnus) and +- 26 children. These kids are abandoned by their parents – sometimes on her doorstep. Mama Agnus is single-handedly running this home and lives on her pension she receives on a monthly basis. The eldest child is about 11 years old. She also takes care of a baby girl that was abandoned when she was 3 weeks old – she’s now four years old. Finding sponsors is very difficult for her.

On the 18th of December we at Hollywoodbets Quigney teamed up and went to the Charity Organization to deliver all their goods to the kids and Mama Agnus. Her house is situated in East Bank, East London and it takes about 3 taxis to get there when travelling with public transport. On our arrival the kids were very anxious and excited. Mama Agnus burst into tears and while we were delivering a speech all the kids were singing and clapping hands. We supplied them with duvet covers, a 13kg washing machine, pillows, face cloths, snacks, a big cake, refreshments and bedding. Our hearts went out to these kids because they are still very young, ageing from 4 months to 11 years old. They were so happy and you could see that we as a Hollywoodbets team made a big difference to their lives. They even told us that this will be their best Christmas ever and most of us burst into tears.

Our hearts really went out to these kids. For a single woman to take responsibility for these kids is really amazing. It was time for us to leave and all of them were standing outside singing for us and showing their appreciation. We feel good because we know that we made a difference in their lives and in our individual lives. We are blessed to have done this and would like to thank Hollywoodbets for making this event possible. We have really touched so many people.

Hollywoodbets Quigney team with Mama Angus and children from The River of Life
Donations from the Hollywoodbets Quigney team to The River of Life home

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