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Theo Stars FC – Hollywoodbets Musina

Hollywoodbets Musina chose Theo Stars FC as their club of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Soccer Sponsorship Programme. The Hollywoodbets team talks about the club.

On the 28th of February 2015 team members from Hollywoodbets Musina visited Theo Stars FC at the local Skoon-Plaas stadium. They were there to hand over the team’s new sponsored soccer kit.

Everyone at the club showed their appreciation for this great gift and it was clear that they felt honoured to have received a soccer kit from Hollywoodbets.The team is very excited to start the new year with their new kit.

They assured everyone that they represent Hollywoodbets proudly by wearing the kit for their league games.

The team is in high spirits now that they can show off their skills in the beautiful Hollywoodbets colours.

This shows and gives the players hope that the team is going somewhere.

Thank you Hollywoodbets Musina!

Theo Stars FC accepting the kit sponsorship from Hollywoodbets - Limpopo - Musina
Hollywoodbets performing the handover of kit to Theo Stars FC
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