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Twilight Children – 2013/14

Hollywoodbets Hillbrow donation to Twilight Childrens Home - 2013/14

Hollywoodbets Hillbrow chose Twilight Children as their choice for Hollywoodbets’ My Community Programme for 2013/14. Read more bel0w.

Twilight Children
Hollywoodbets Hillbrow

This organisation takes children off the streets, and teach them the values of life. Avoiding crime, drugs, poverty and more is their goal.

This charity organisation has 87 kids that they have taken off the streets of Hillbrow to prevent them from indulging in crime, drugs, and all things that go hand in hand with poverty and nightlife. They take the children off the streets and rehabilitate them. They currently have two students that are studying in their second year, and these young kids really have a bright future ahead of them with Ivor, Mandla and Cathy taking care of them. They are teaching them the values in life and showing them that there is much more to live for than the crime and bad things that they used to do. Apart from this, they also have an outreach programme where they feed a lot of people every night.

Hollywoodbets bought them a four-plate gas stove, a 48kg gas cylinder as well as five huge pots, to make it easier for them to cook for the children, as well as for the people from the outreach programme.

Antoinette, Catherine, John, Thabelo, Ephraim and Kameren went to do the hand over. It was so nice to help them with these items, as they are also thinking about the environment and wanted to go green, therefore the gas stove was great!

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can contact the centre here:

Twilight Children
31/37 Van Der Merwe Street (Cnr Claim Street)

011 484 1590

After Hours:
Ivor Ndivhuwo Matshili – 072 616 8411
Mandla Mkandla – 084 355 2666
Cathy MacDonald – 082 428 9444

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Hollywoodbets is also actively involved in sponsoring community sports teams around South Africa. Click here to learn more.

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