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West Ham United FC – Hollywoodbets SGT Peppers

Eastern Cape
Hollywoodbets SGT Peppers
West Ham United FC

Hollywoodbets SGT Peppers chose West Ham United FC as their team of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Soccer Sponsorship Programme.

West Ham United would like to take this opportunity to thank Hollywoodbets.net for the their second consecutive year of donating a full soccer kit to our club. Words cannot express our gratitude towards you for the donation, you have no idea what a brand new kit does for a young up-and-coming team, from a very disadvantaged community where young men are marginalised and opportunities are scarce.

The kit handover took place at the Allan Hendrickse Complex Civic Hall with a very enthusiastic Sgt Pepper’s team coming to join in the festivities, as well as West Ham United players and executive members, a real momentous occasion for the club, positive steps taken in establishing West Ham United as a force to be reckoned with. A special thank you to Kevin and his team for making this possible. We as West Ham United FC wish you every bit of success with your business and long may our partnership continue.

Hollywoodbets SGT Peppers sponsor West ham United FC, CSR.

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