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Whetstone Sporting FC – 2014/15

Hollywoodbets Springfield Park chose Whetstone Sporting FC as their club of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Soccer Sponsorship Programme 2014/15. The Hollywoodbets team talks about the club.

Hollywoodbets Springfield Park
Whetstone Sporting FC
Whetstone Sporting FC is a club based in Phoenix, and was established over a decade ago.
The club was initially established to offer the youth of Whetstone and the surrounding areas an escape from the influences of alcohol, crime and drugs that are rife in the area.
Financed by the managers of the organisation, the club has struggled to acquire kit because its youngsters come from a financially challenged community.
It was Hollywoodbets Springfield Park’s great pleasure to provide the team with a brand new soccer kit that will help make their experience on the field even more rewarding.
The team is now shining brightly in Hollywoodbets colours and playing their hearts out on the field!

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Hollywoodbets is actively involved in its CSI projects,  and makes many donations to organisations in its community. View the Hollywoodbets My Community website here.

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